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Getting the Skinny on Healthy Fats

By Everwell | January 9, 2017

Getting the Skinny on Healthy FatsUnfortunately, fats get demonized as something we should all cut out of our diets if we want to live a healthy lifestyle. But there are actually healthy fats that are absolutely essential to keeping our bodies functioning at their highest levels. The important thing is to know which is which, […]

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Mind Your Minerals: Taking Supplements for Memory

By Everwell | January 3, 2017

Your keys…You know you put them somewhere, but where? If only you could remember… Sometimes it’s the simplest details that seem to slip through our Swiss-cheese memories, tiny and insignificant in the face of things, but still they add up. All of that time we spend hunting down keys or other items we’ve misplaced because we’ve […]

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The Deal on DHEA

By Everwell | December 27, 2016

As the use of
health supplements becomes increasingly necessary, more research is going into their formulations as well as which ones can provide the most benefits. For many individuals suffering from fatigue, a decrease in sex drive, or mild cases of depression, low DHEA levels could be contributing to the issue; and so the need […]

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Happy New Healthy Lifestyle

By Everwell | December 23, 2016

As the beginning of a new year approaches, it’s a common thing to take a closer look at the ways we’re living our lives and determine that it could really be time to ramp up our efforts of having a healthy lifestyle.For some of us, living a healthy lifestyle will require a complete overhaul of […]

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Prescribed Care: Finding a Trusted Pharmacy

By Everwell | December 19, 2016

Just as it’s crucial to find a doctor with whom you make a connection and feel complete confidence in, having a trusted pharmacy is equally important when it comes to maintaining your general wellness and filling any needs you may have for prescription medication. Unless you can find an independently owned, local pharmacy, however, you […]

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Getting Salty About Iodine Supplements

By Everwell | December 14, 2016

There are a number of essential vitamins and minerals that help the body function at its highest levels; but because of the many ways that the modern diet lacks key nutrients, it’s become increasingly common to suffer from nutrient deficiencies. Iodine, which is present in iodized table salt and many dairy products, has become a […]

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By Everwell | December 7, 2016

Branch Out Your KnowledgeWhile many people may not be familiar with them, BCAAs are branched-chain amino acids, which are extremely important in helping maintain and build lean muscle mass. For anyone who is increasing the intensity of a weight training program at the same time as they’re dieting, a BCAA supplement may be necessary to […]

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Hyperthyroidism Treatment

By Everwell | December 2, 2016

Though it shares some of the same symptoms of a low thyroid (hypothyroidism) such as weakness, fatigue, menstrual cycle irregularities, dry hair, and mood swings, a type of thyroid issues called hyperthyroidism is quite dissimilar to hypothyroidism, causing an increase rather than a decrease in production of thyroid hormone. This increase in thyroid production could […]

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Symptoms of a Low Thyroid

By Everwell | November 28, 2016

Though it can often go undiagnosed for years, a medical condition called hypothyroidism is very common in America, most often affecting women rather than men. Hypothyroidism is actually a type of thyroid disease that occurs when the body fails to produce the level of thyroid hormone it requires to function properly, causing the metabolism to […]

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Digesting Gut Health

By Everwell | November 23, 2016

Whether you really realize it or not, your guts are affected by the things that you eat on a daily basis. If you’re not getting the proper amounts of essential vitamins or suffer from nutrient deficiencies, your intestines probably aren’t functioning as well as they should be. Really, your gut is linked to not only […]

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